The Free Coffee Box Story

What is Free Coffee Box?​

A monthly curated coffee subscription of the finest coffee roasts from around the world.

Your Passport to the World of Coffee

We enable our members to experience the taste of coffees from all over the world – we know that numerous cultures are gifted with talents to grow aromatic and delicious coffee and want our members to enjoy them from the comfort of home.

Enjoy Great Coffee Anywhere

We emphasize portability and convenience so that you can drink your favorite coffee anywhere. No matter where you are or where you’re going, single serve pour overs make it easy for you to bring delicious specialty coffee with you.

Free From Machines

We’re devoted to making it easier for coffee lovers to brew themselves a cup without the need for expensive machines. All you need is hot water and your favorite cup or mug to enjoy single serve pour overs.

Free From Chemicals

We believe your coffee is meant to be enjoyed with the natural tastes and aromas derived from the region it was grown, so all of the coffee you receive from us is guaranteed to be free from additives and unnecessary chemicals. Most will be USDA certified organic.

Free From Waste

We know that we only have one planet to share and believe that we all have a part to play in order to preserve it. Yes, you get great tasting single origin coffee that has been ethically sourced, organically harvested, sealed in recyclable packaging, and free of wasteful single use plastics.

Share With Friends

Coffee is meant to be shared and enjoyed with friends. Your single serve pour overs are packaged 24 hours after roasting and nitrogen flushed, so they remain fresh as the day the coffee was ground for up to one year. Share a packet with a friend and compare notes.

We're on a mission to delight our members by enabling them to experience a variety of the finest coffees from all over the world in portable single serve pour over format.​

Everyone Loves a Good Origin Story

Now we're spreading the love for pour over coffee all across the U.S.

Our story begins in the 1950s, long before founder, Masa Higashida, thought about starting a coffee company, let alone a coffee subscription service. That was when his father opened a small coffee shop in Hakata city, located in the Fukuoka region of Japan. He called the shop US Coffee and designed the logo in a familiar Japanese calligraphy style. The innovative logo features the letter ‘U’ as a cup, with ‘S’ as the handle. While the shop is no longer there, we adopted the logo for Free Coffee Box.

Twenty years later Masa’s father moved the family to Nagoya and Masa’s elder brother inherited the quaint coffee shop. In 2010, Masa moved his own familiy to the United States, and he’s been brewing up (pun intended) a plan to help Americans enjoy the taste of pour-over coffee ever since.

Like many people who grow up in Japan, Masa developed a taste for coffee made using the traditional pour-over brew method because it offered a clearer and superior taste. In Japan, consumers drink over a billion cups of single serve pour-over coffees each year.

He wanted to come up with a creative way to allow pour-over enthusiasts and devotees to enjoy pour-over coffee with the same convenience as any other kind of coffee. That wouldn’t happen with an exclusive coffee shop; Masa wanted to reignite the charm of making delicious coffee by hand. And that’s how he came up with the concept of Free Coffee Box: a subscription service that delivers coffee in single-serve pour over packets.

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