What is Single Origin Coffee? A Superhero for Our Times

what are single origin coffee?

There’s a superhero in your midst. It’s dark, strong, and regularly improves your day as well as the community from which it is derived. But it’s not a caped crusader. In fact, it’s likely lurking in the shadows of your cupboard right now. Yes, we’re talking about coffee. Isn’t it … Read More

The Ideal Water Temperature to Perfect Your Pour Overs

proper water temperature for pour overs

The questions that we get from our subscribers most often is about how to use the pour over filters properly and how to extract the most flavor for your cup of coffee. We understand that while the packets do include some simple instructions there is only so much room for … Read More

7 Situations You Will Be Glad You Have Pour Over Coffee Pouches

7 Situations that yo'll be glad you have pour over pouches

Ahh, the power of the pour over. Coffee aficionados from homebrewers to baristas agree that it’s the best way to brew coffee. Even with all those technologically advanced drip coffee makers on the market today, you cannot match the control and final taste that you get from a pour over … Read More

The Art of the Pour: The Perks of Pour-Over Coffee

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning to a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee. Most of us can’t start our day without it, but did you know that pour-over coffee will give you the most delicious brew? It’s true. Run of the mill drip coffee simply can’t compare … Read More

Free Coffee Box Featured in Origami Magazine

Free Coffee Box Featured in Origami Magazine

Shortly after we launched Free Coffee Box the publishers Origami Magazine reached out to us to learn more about the service. The magazine is published out of Seattle and is a staple that readers find all over the city, especially in sushi establishment and other Japanese restaurants. We gladly sent … Read More

Add 3 New Stamps to Your Coffee Passport in March

In March our tour of the world of coffee we will take you to South America for the first time and then back to Africa to enjoy our second African roast. Columbia Cauca Tasting Notes: Orange, Caramel, and Brown Sugar Coffee from Colombia is famous all over the world and … Read More

February 2020 Takes You Central America and Indonesia

February Coffee Roasts

In February we bring you three new organic single origin roasts starting with two stops in Central America starting with our south of the border neighbor in Mexico and moving a little farther south to Honduras. We will also take you to Asia for the first time to experience coffee … Read More

Why Pour Over Coffee Tastes Better Than Coffee From Pods

pour over coffee taste better

Pour over coffee has been the most popular brewing method in Japan for decades, and for good reason … it simply tastes better than other brewing methods. Until recently pour overs in America were exclusive to the “in the know” coffee cafe crowd, and it certainly hasn’t been common in … Read More

Learn About the Roasts Coming in January

Ethiopian Organic Tasting Notes: Jasmine Flower and Bergamot Orange Ethiopia is the #1 producer of coffee in Africa and the 5th largest coffee producing nation on earth. Believe is or not Ethiopia has been harvesting and exporting coffee for over 1,100 years earning a well-deserved reputation the world over. This … Read More

Introducing Free Coffee Box

We are very excited to introduce Free Coffee Box to America. Most people are familiar subscription box services and many consumers already subscribe to at least one subscription box. According to a survey from Clutch, more than half of online shoppers (54%) say they subscribe to a subscription box service. … Read More