Free Coffee Box Featured in Origami Magazine

Free Coffee Box Featured in Origami Magazine

Shortly after we launched Free Coffee Box the publishers Origami Magazine reached out to us to learn more about the service. The magazine is published out of Seattle and is a staple that readers find all over the city, especially in sushi establishment and other Japanese restaurants. We gladly sent them a box to review and they were gracious to include a short write up in the Winter issue.

The connection that the Japanese have to the single serve pour over format is evident. Over 1 billion single serve pour overs are consumed every year in Japan alone. If you travel to Japan you will rarely find a machine that makes single servings of coffee from a plastic pods like you do here in the United States. They value the superior taste that you get from the pour over and the ability to control the pour and feel that its worth the extra few seconds it takes to make the pour over.

The positive vibes for this new format in the US keep coming! Yes, people are loving the pour over format and the ability to sample and share coffees from all over the world. Sign up today and get your first month free.

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