The Ideal Water Temperature to Perfect Your Pour Overs

proper water temperature for pour overs

The questions that we get from our subscribers most often is about how to use the pour over filters properly and how to extract the most flavor for your cup of coffee. 

We understand that while the packets do include some simple instructions there is only so much room for detail. So we also created a more detailed page on our website with instructions on “How to Brew the Perfect Pour Over.” So please read that to learn more about using the filters, water temperate, and the pour technique. 

Fix The Most Common Problem: Water Temperature

The number one subscriber complaint that we get about the taste is that the coffee lacks a full flavor. I can’t tell you how many times I have had conversations with our customers about this and with one simple adjustment their mind is changed. So what is this one simple adjustment you ask?


Yes, its that simple. All coffee that is not cold brewed, which is a very slow brewing process (12-24 hours), needs hot water in order to extract the flavor from the ground coffee. 

Water at a lower temperature will produce a flat, weak, and tasteless brew, and water at a higher temperature will cause the coffee to taste bitter.


If you make this one simple adjustment you will brew a better tasting cup. If you wanted to understand this even more then reach about the science of “Total Dissolved Solids” in coffee. 

2 Additional User Errors That You Can Easily Fix

Crease the arms: The pour over filters have 2 arms that attach to your cup. these arms have built in creases that you should be folding. When you do this the filter will stay fastened to your cup or mug and not fall in when you start your pour.

Slow your pour: One of the great things about pour overs is that you control the flow of water over the ground coffee. Single serve pour overs are simple and small so you don’t have to do too much with regards to accuracy of the pour. But one mistake that new users often make is pouring too fast. If you slow it down a little bit you will avoid the overflow of coffee ground going into your cup.

We hope that these small tips will help you enjoy the world of coffee but please feel free to comment or even submit more questions. 

If you’re not a subscriber but want to try us out then sign up for your subscription today or try a single box and enjoy the great-tasting and easy-to-make pour over coffee pouch.

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