Learn About the Roasts Coming in January

Ethiopian Organic

Tasting Notes: Jasmine Flower and Bergamot Orange

Ethiopian Organic Pour OverEthiopia is the #1 producer of coffee in Africa and the 5th largest coffee producing nation on earth. Believe is or not Ethiopia has been harvesting and exporting coffee for over 1,100 years earning a well-deserved reputation the world over.   

This month’s Organic Ethiopian roast comes from the Yirgacheffe bean, which is one of 4 trademarked varieties controlled by the Ethiopian government. We sourced from family-owned farms organized around the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU), an umbrella organization established to support a sustainable coffee supply from cooperatives in the region. The OCFCU supports 360 cooperatives with more than 332,393 farmer-members, accounting for 65% of Ethiopia’s total coffee production. Premiums from coffee exports are returned directly to farmers, and also fund organic farming programs, mill equipment purchases, and food security programs. View Product

Costa Rican Organic

Tasting Notes: Orange & Honey
Organic Costa Rican Pour Over
Costa Rica is only the 15 largest exporter of coffee worldwide but a very high mark for such a small nation. Costa Rica is renowned for producing some of the best beans in the world, so consistent and tasty that it’s made it as a Crown Jewel selection since the inception of the program, the coffee from Hacienda la Amistad shines not only in the cup, but in its commitment to the environment and community. It’s remarkable that 97% of the land that Roberto Montero’s grandfather first purchased in the early 1900’s has been dedicated to forest preservation, with 6,000 of the original 10,000 hectares given back to the government of Costa Rica for the for the preservation of La Amistad International Park, the largest natural reserve in Central America. With the 4,000 hectares that have remained in this third-generation coffee farmer’s possession, Montero has dedicated 300 hectares to organic coffee production and most of the rest is forested and teeming with wildlife. Roberto’s commitment to organic farming pairs harmoniously with his commitment to his community. La Amistad’s proximity to the border of Panama has attracted many indigenous people from that country who come to the farm during harvest season with their entire families. Roberto ensures their needs are met by providing housing and free access to medical care for the seasonal pickers. Roberto also takes pride in his ability to provide more than 100 full-time jobs to his neighbors from Las Mellizas, not only in coffee cultivation, but also in the dried fruit operation that he runs year-round at La Amistad. Roberto hosts an annual employee celebration to recognize all their hard work and he also distributes school supplies to their children each year before school starts. View Costa Rican Coffee Page


Tasting Notes: Blueberry and Maple
Guatemalan Pour Over Coffee
Guatemala is the 10th largest coffee producing nation on earth. Unless you are going to parachute into Santa Cruz Barillas, you should plan for one of the longest coffee treks of your life. While many are familiar with Huehuetenango and the reputation of the coffee region, few have ventured to this isolated corner of Guatemala. Royal has gone many times over the years and we are proud to have been the first to import Fair Trade certified coffee from Asociación Barillense de Agricultores (ASOBAGRI). The spectacularly rugged terrain has served to preserve the indigenous heritage, distinct clothing, and dialects that can vary from one mountain ridge to the next. View Guatemalan Coffee Page


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