What is Single Origin Coffee? A Superhero for Our Times

what are single origin coffee?

There’s a superhero in your midst. It’s dark, strong, and regularly improves your day as well as the community from which it is derived. But it’s not a caped crusader. In fact, it’s likely lurking in the shadows of your cupboard right now. Yes, we’re talking about coffee. Isn’t it about time you learned the origin story of your favorite superhero?

Much like wine, perhaps another beloved hero in your life, the flavor of coffee is impacted by the soil in which it grows. The promise of a single vineyard wine is that the unique character of that location will shine through in your glass. The same goes for coffee where the equivalent expression is “single origin,” and each region departs a unique flavor that can be detected in every cup.

What is Single Origin Coffee?

The term single origin coffee means that the beans come from one place only, usually from a single estate, certain region, or country. Like the far-away, fictional superhero homelands of Wakanda or Krypton, the birthplaces of single origin beans are typically small farms in far-flung equatorial countries.

The alternative is coffee blends, which are beans sourced from multiple locations, roasted, and mixed together, which means lower quality beans can be mixed in to skimp on the price. Single origin coffee allows you to escape the peril of—gasp—sub-par flavor and an anonymous backstory—associated with lower quality beans.

Given that single origin coffee beans are sourced from one place only, single-origin coffees tend to be available at certain times of the year, based on the growing season of the beans’ homeland. At Free Coffee Box, our coffee subscription service only offers single origin coffees. Each month, we feature 3 different coffee growing regions to correspond with the growing season. So you are always getting the freshest coffee and the ability to try the unique flavor of many different regions, including Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Mexico, Uganda, and Peru. Of course, all foil packs are double nitrogen flushed, enabling a “fresh as the day it was roasted” 12-month shelf life even if you don’t drink it as soon as it arrives. Although that’s not typically an issue. 

Is Single Origin Coffee Better?

In short, yes, single origin coffee is better. The most important aspect of single-origin coffee is its unique flavor, derived from the settings of its region and depicting the aroma of its origin. Similar to the concept of terroir in wine, and with the right care, processing, storing, and roasting, the coffee’s taste profile can be emblematic of where it was grown and how it was produced. Like a dry, fruit-forward Cabernet that makes you beam more than discovering a series of love notes from your partner hidden around the house, single origin coffee, too, can make your emotions soar.

While unique flavor and high-quality taste are an important distinction, the value it brings to the farmers who grow it is also quite impressive. While single origin coffee represents the pinnacle of quality and character, typically picked by hand, it is processed through the direct trade practice ensuring the farmers get a fair price for what they produce. And since farmers receive a sustainable and reliable income, it allows them to keep producing high-quality beans through sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation processes.

Our delicious single origin coffees are ethically sourced and most are USDA certified, organically harvested coffee. Plus, they are 100% all natural and free from all the unnecessary additives and chemicals that don’t belong in your coffee cup.

How to Enjoy Single Origin Coffee

We believe your coffee is meant to be enjoyed with the natural tastes and aroma derived from the region it was grown. We also believe that enjoying a cup of single origin coffee shouldn’t be complicated.

That’s why we take the time to meet with and vet the farmers growing our beans to ensure their quality. Every single variety of coffee offered in our subscription boxes is single origin coffee that has been carefully curated to bring you only the best coffee.

It’s also why we package Free Coffee Box coffees in single serve pour over pouches, which are not only convenient but also taste better. Our single serve pour overs make it easy to bring delicious, single origin coffee wherever you go.

We know that we only have one planet to share and believe that we all have a part to play in preserving it. That’s why Free Coffee Box is free of wasteful single-use plastics and full of fresh, single-origin flavor. Because not all heroes wear capes.

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