Why Pour Over Coffee Tastes Better Than Coffee From Pods

pour over coffee taste better

Pour over coffee has been the most popular brewing method in Japan for decades, and for good reason … it simply tastes better than other brewing methods. Until recently pour overs in America were exclusive to the “in the know” coffee cafe crowd, and it certainly hasn’t been common in homes or places of business. However, since the introduction of the single cup (or single serve) disposable pour over filter, this delicious brewing method is available to everyone and can be done almost anywhere, as long as you have a source for hot water. Single cup pour overs may be your “go to” method of brewing or may be used as a convenient portable format that comes in handy in many situations. Coffee lovers can even enjoy pour over coffee in the great outdoors.

After you try a pour over for the first time, your senses will tell you that it just tastes better than the other popular single serve coffee that comes in plastic pods. The reasons why single serve pour over coffee tastes better are almost entirely down to science and cold hard facts. The pour over method enables you to pull out a richer and bolder flavor from the grounds.

The Science of TDS in Coffee Brewing

TDS stands for the number of total dissolved solids that are extracted from the ground coffee granules during the brewing process. The higher the figure the tastier the brew. The Specialty Coffee Association of America places a figure of between 1.2 and 1.4-percent TDS for drip coffee.

  • The TDS for pour overs is 1.5-percent or even higher, while most coffee pods have a TDS percentage of just 0.8-percent.
  • How Brewing Time Affects the Taste of Your Coffee
  • Coffee pod machines force the water through the granules quickly. You may get your cup of coffee slightly faster, but it does not have the same flavor as the coffee granules do not have time to bloom and brew.
  • Pour overs saturate the coffee grounds in the hot water for a longer period extracting maximum flavor for a rich and full-bodied brew.

Water Temperature Control

Although the most popular coffee pod machines are very high-tech, studies have shown that they do not always use the correct temperature of water. According to the National Coffee Association, the ideal water temperature for brewing a perfect cup of coffee is from 195- and 205-degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Water at a lower temperature will produce a flat, weak, and tasteless brew, and water at a higher temperature will cause the coffee to taste bitter.
  • With pour over coffees, you have complete control over the temperature of the water being used.

Freshness has a Dramatic Effect on Taste

Coffee beans begin to lose their flavor as soon as they are roasted and even more so after the beans are ground. This is due to oxidation and the evaporation of the oils which contain coffee’s distinctive aroma and taste. To keep the ground coffee in the single serve pour over filter at its prime, we employ speed and technology.

  • We schedule packaging to begin 24 hours after grinding, we de-gas the beans so the grounds can be packed in an airtight packaging. Freshly roasted beans emit CO2 for several days, or even weeks, which prevents sealed packaging. This process lets us pack our freshly ground beans faster for greater freshness.
  • Our technology nitrogen flushes the coffee, not once, but twice. During this process, all of the oxygen is removed and the coffee is sealed in the packet and will remain fresh as the day it was ground for up to 12 months.The aroma when you open the foil packet is the same as fresh ground coffee, and so is the flavor.
  • Coffee pod packers don’t use this combination of methods and very often consumers get stale coffee in the pods that have lost significant flavor by the time they are used.

No Plastic Taste

Although coffee pods have become a popular craze as they fit into our busy, rushed lifestyles, single serve pour over coffees offer an individual brewing option that is just as easy, nearly as fast, ecologically conscious, and most importantly far more delicious and satisfying.

  • Our single serve pour over filters are made using biodegradable natural materials, which do not alter the rich, full flavor of the coffee during the brewing process, and can also be disposed of responsibly.
  • Coffee pods are made of plastic and/or aluminum. Plastic can leave an unpleasant aftertaste and the disposal of both substances is difficult as they are not all currently recyclable and not biodegradable.

Added Benefit ~ No Expensive Machine Needed

  • Coffee pods have to be used in a special machine. That means, if you are somewhere where there is no machine, there is no coffee. Single serve pour over coffees, however, can be enjoyed at any time and anywhere without the need for any special equipment. The only thing you need is hot water.
  • Coffee pods are often specifically designed for a particular machine, which limits your choice. Single serve pour over coffees, however, are available in a choice of single origin coffees, delicious blends, and functional brews.

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    1. Hi Donna. We do not offer samples at this time. We are offering a sign up where you get your 1st box free.

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